Personal training

1:1 coaching and Personal Training is available and especially recommended for those who require a more individual level of attention. We train a wide variety of clients: young, old, male, female, from high-level athletes with requirements beyond what is possible in a group format to those who need specific rehabilitation or a gentle reintroduction to exercise.

If you've not found what you're looking for elsewhere, contact us to see if we can fit your needs and help you improve.

I have trained under Jon’s supervision for a year and I can say without hesitation that he is a challenging, patient and exceptionally knowledgeable physical trainer. His knowledge comes from experience (he is a high level BJJ grappler), from advance study (he has trained with Ido Portal, among others) and from an intense questioning attitude which engages with the goals of his clients. It is never too late to get serious about training and Jon can equip you with the tools for self-transformation.
— Dr. Niall Caldwell, University Lecturer
Jon has taking my training to a completely different level and constantly challenges both my physical ability and mental grit!! I’ve learnt that the mechanics of my body and mobility are vital to reaching new pb’s and setting new goals!! Training along side some friends has shown that Jon can work with different abilities and different needs all at the same time whilst also giving us exactly what we each want!!!! Wouldn’t change my training now for the world, I consistently feel challenged but realize the progress that I’ve made so far!!! Fantastic!! Love it!! Thanks for putting up with me Jon :) “
— Jess Fisher